Indi & Co Botanical Tonic Water (12 units pack)

The Indi & Co Botanical Tonic Water is an intensely flavored and smooth tonic water made form all-natural ingredients following traditional methods. It is prepared by maceration and distillation of kalinji, cinchona bark, and cardamom and kewra flower of India to develop the intense and expressive aromas. The nose displays aromas of citruses and orange peel combined with delicate balsamic notes. The palate is gentle and smooth, with notes of cardamom and citruses and a long, dry finish that is best enjoyed with cocktails and long drinks.

(€15.24 ex. VAT)
Categories: Refreshments | Soft Drinks | Tonic Water |
Product Code: R092
Country: England
Bottle size: 20 cl.
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