Caiman Grosella (1 litre)

Coming from the Antonio Nadal distilleries, the Caiman Grosella is a delicious and refreshing berry flavored, non-alcoholic fruit syrup made from the extracts of real berries. It has an appealing deep pink colored body and the nose is dominated by notes of ripe red berries. The taste is smooth and light with a soft sweetness. It is a popular ingredient for classic cocktails and long drinks.  It can also be enjoyed as a refreshing drink by diluting one part of the syrup with four parts of water or mixed with lemonades, soda, fruit juices and flavored drinks.

(€3.87 ex. VAT)
Categories: Refreshments | Syrups |
Product Code: LS129
Country: Spain
Alcohol: 0.00%
Bottle size: 1 l.
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