Azpilicueta Crianza (Magnum 1.5 litres)

The Azpilicueta Crianza is a sophisticated red Crianza wine made from superior quality, handpicked Tempranillo, Graciano and Mazuelo grapes. The wine is matured for 12 months in French and American oak barrels and rested for another 10 months in bottles. The wine has an attractive cherry red body with purple flashes. The nose is marked clear and sharp aromas of ripe fruits, spices and wood finish. The palate is refreshing and delicate, with classic Rioja flavor that is best enjoyed with rice dishes, stews, white meat, mushrooms and blue cheese.

(€10.21 ex. VAT)
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Product Code: VR204
Country: Spain
Alcohol: 13.50%
Bottle size: 1.5 l.
Wine aging: Crianza
Grape type: Tempranillo, Graciano, Mazuelo
Designation of Origin: Rioja
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