The rise of wine.

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The rise of wine.

The most likely option is that the very first person to ever produce wine, simply made it accidentally. Some wild grapes forgotten too many time in a bowl, maybe covered with something that also got them crushed. That produced the miracle of squeezing the grape juice and then transforming it into wine. You can imagine how happy become the one who drank it first.

What is actually clear is that the first vineyards ever founded date back more than 7 thousand years and they were founded at the Caucasus, what today would be Georgia or Armenia.

Three great civilizations as Egypt, Greece and Rome had a god of wine. Egyptians called him Osiris. They even labeled the jars with the name of the vineyard, winemaker and vintage.

Greeks called him Dionysus; the legend says that he brought wine to Greece from minor Asia (actual Turkey).

Romans named it Baucus, even though like many other cases this God was a copy of the Greek one, in Rome it made more popular the wine consumption, arriving to women and slaves. There was so many wine commerce that even today it’s possible to find sunken ships at the Mediterranean coast which are loaded with the amphoras used to transport it.

Constant references are made to wine in Christian culture. The country called Canaan on the Bible, possibly the actual Syria, was famous for its good wine and the amount that was produced. Another reference can be found in the miracle that Jesus made by transforming the water in wine. Lately it was the monks who got charge to produce it, for the rituals and to commerce it.

For mankind, for a long time, wine was not a luxury, but a need. In many cities water was not potable and wine was a healthier option.

As a conclusion, nothing better than a famous quote of Plinius:

“Men owe to wine being the only animal which drinks without being thirsty”.

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