Cool Facts about Whisky

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Cool Facts about Whisky

Whisky is probably one of the most produced alcoholic beverages in the world, made almost in every part of the globe, and with unique variations. 

There’s Scotch whisky, American whisky, Irish whisky and even lesser known variants like Japanese whisky or Canadian whisky, but there’s one thing all whisky lovers agree upon, there’s nothing quite like it!

What’s in a name?

You’ve probably come across two spelling of the popular drink, ‘whisky’ and ‘whiskey’. So which one is right? Both are, actually. Most of the world prefer using ‘whisky’, while the Americans and Irish use ‘whiskey’.

Whisky can survive freezing temperatures

In 2011, a crate of MacKinlay whisky from 1896 was found in Antarctica, perfectly suitable to drink, and not frozen, despite the -30 degree Celsius temperatures on the frozen wasteland. Now we know what to store for the next Ice Age!

The Water of Life

Ever wondered what the word whisky (or whiskey, y’know) means? Its name is derived from the Gaelic word ‘Uisage Beatha’, which literally translates into ‘water of life’.

Whisky distillation leftovers are good!

A lot of dairy farmers prefer staying near whisky distilleries because the leftover pulp of corn and grains is highly nutritious for livestock and cattle. Well what do you know, whisky helps us get better food too!

A dispute of origins

It is said that whisky was made by the evolution of distillation methods originating from 2000 BC in Mesopotamia. Passed over generations and civilizations, it is believed that whisky as we know it was first distilled in Ireland in 1405. However, the Scots also lay claim to the fact that that it all started from Scotland in the early 15th century, then spread to Ireland.

Original colors

Contrary to popular belief, whisky is actually clear when it comes out of the distillation mechanism. It gets its signature color from aging in wooden casks.


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