Ron Don Papa

This artisanal rum is made in the island of Negros, in Philippines. Its unique combination of clime, geography and volcanic soil produces a high quality sugar cane from where they can make this amazing spirit. 

Made with the molasses, Ron Don Papa is aged for 7 years in an american oak barrel, previously used for bourbon. It's gentile, fruity and light on the nose, and with a smooth and delicate palate. The beauty and luminous amber colour is the best presentation card.

The name "Don Papa" is inspired by Dionisio Magbuelas, also known as "Papa" Isio, a hero of the Philippine revolution in the XIXth Century.

(€25.58 ex. VAT)
Categories: Spirits | Rum |
Product Code: LR220
Country: Philippines
Country: Phillipines
Alcohol: 40%
Bottle size: 70 cl
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