Estrella Damm, the beer of a Country

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Estrella Damm, the beer of a Country

Known as the “Mediterranean Lager Beer”, not everyone knows that this Catalan brewery was funded by an Alsatian family that came to Barcelona running from the Franco-Prussian war that headed their homes. They were August Kuentzmann Damm and his wife Melaine. They founded the Damm Anonymous society, where it began to be produced a lighter and smoother Lägger, adapted to the Mediterranean weather and likes.

Through the years they have changed the name of their main beer many times: “Strasburger Bier” was the first one, but people began to know it for their logo, a red star. So it became to be known as the “Cerveza de la estrella” or “Cerveza estrella”, until at the beginning of the XXth century it became officially “Cerveza Estrella”. After the Civil war, in 1939, they were forced to change the logo from a red star to a golden one, due to its communist’s similarities, and it began then to be called “Estrella dorada” (Golden Star), and this name lasted for 62 years, until in 1991 they changed it to the name it is known today all around the world: “Estrella Damm”, honoring its founders, with the golden Star but also with red colour at the background, as a tribute to its origins.

Nowadays Damm beer is the most sent beer in Catalonia, and all along the Mediterranean is appreciated for its smoothness and delicious taste. The different beers they produce offer tastes for everyone:

  • Estrella Damm (5.4%): Their main product, a soft Lägger made with barley, rice and hops,
  • Inedit: Made in collaboration with the Three Star Michellin awarded catalan chef Ferran Adrià.
  • Daura: With a lower level of gluten, special for celiac.
  • Voll-Damm (7.2%): A Märzenbier, Double Malt beer.
  • Free-Damm: A non-alcoholic beer.
  • Damm-Lemon: A delicious combination of Estrella Damm and lemon juice, in a 60%-40% proportion.

If you ever visit Barcelona, it’s impossible that you leave without tasting an Estrella, it’s literally everywhere!! It’s an official sponsor for both football teams of the city (FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol), but also for many of the little ones too. It’s in cinemas, in theaters, in music concerts, in any kind of festivals. If you ever ask to local people, they will tell you that summer begins with the Estrella Damm TV spot!! 

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